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Effortless Freezing Technology

Fully automated freezing with smooth mechanical opening and closing

Mold in Freezing Chamber

This model can produce up to 16 frozen shots in as little as 45 seconds! Customizable molds are also available upon request

Adjustable Time Dial

Customize the Consistency of Your Frozen Delights


This machine works without electricity! The gas can reach temperatures as low as -100°C, enabling the freezing of alcohol

During my engineering studies, I owned a bar on St-Laurent Street in Montreal. On January 24, 2013, we were open and it was -30 degrees outside. The bar was empty. Disappointed, I decide to close early. I lock the doors and start walking through the deserted streets, thinking, "It's not true that Montreal is the coldest place in the world." On my way home, my curiosity leads me to watch a video on YouTube taking place in Siberia where it is -64 degrees in the middle of winter. Two Russians share a meal around a fire. As an accompaniment, they take out a bottle of vodka hidden in the snow. The alcohol was frozen. So they decide to break the bottle and eat the vodka right out of the bottle. That's when I said to myself, if I could offer popsicles of alcohol in my bar, maybe on a January 24th at -30 degrees, my clientele would show up because I offer a unique experience. Four years later, the first Ufrost machine was born.

Democratize the fascinating experience of instant freezing in Gastronomy & Mixology.
Bring our technology to every kitchen counter in the world by becoming the microwave of cold. 
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The Team

Julien Michalk
Founder & CEO
Jean-Luc Valleix
Nicholas Routhier
Patrice Langevin
Francis Larose
V.P of Operations
Anthony Ceniccola
Sales Director
Ophélie Chambily
Operations and Process Improvement Specialist
Hippolyte Doré
Sales and Business Development Specialist
Megan Ouellet
Event Planning and Management Specialist
Christine Gamache
Lead Generation and Social Media Advertising Specialist
Ayotunde Nkyta Rosiji
Brand Marketing Specialist
We are grateful to partner with Polytechnique de Montréal since 2019. We believe in working closely with students to optimize our operations.

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At Ufrost, we welcome and encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, women, the LGBTQ+ community, older workers, people with disabilities, and people from different cultural backgrounds. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable being themselves.

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