by launching the Ufrost COOK, a unique instrument that will enable you to innovate and master CRYOGASTRONOMY:
Gastronomy by Cold.

This new culinary technique creates unprecedented sensory experiences and flavor explosions in the mouth. Combining spirits, oils, syrups, dressings, creams and aromatics, this culinary revolution will set you apart in the gastronomy industry and create a WOW effect. Robust, simple, quick to use and with a high production capacity, the Ufrost COOK’s innovative freezing technology will transform your gastronomic creations in 60 seconds!


Just like the Ufrost COOK, give free rein to your creativity in gastronomy and mixology with the Ufrost PRO, a compact automated version with an intuitive digital interface.

Additional revenue from new cryogastronomic experiment

  • Redefine the sensory and gastronomic experience of cold and attract new customers looking for new discoveries.
  • Generate up to 30% more sales

Loyalty tool to generate additional profits

  • Become a destination by developing a unique offering for your customers
  • Add value to your product to generate additional profit

New, unrivaled creative cold technology to help you create the "WOW" effect for your customers

  • Versatile use in gastronomy and mixology
  • Enhances gastronomic classics, cocktails and spirits
  • Highly creative shapes and dissolutions

High-volume performance, fast and easy

  • High volume, fast and uniform freezing of all types of food liquids and solids in 1 minute
  • Dual freezing zones for increased productivity
  • Manual process for easy adjustment of freezing time
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • Minimal energy consumption


  • UFrost COOK
  • Complete basic installation
  • 4 sets of molds (0.5 oz and 0.25 oz)
  • 1 spatula
  • 1 Ufrost creator’s guide
  • 1 user’s guide
  • 1 Ufrost inspiration guide by Loyd Von Rose
  • 1 technical course for employees


  • Robust, efficient design minimizes simultaneous
    use of two freezing zones
  • Fast freezing (0.30 sec to 5 minutes)
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Mechanical valve for instant flow
  • Quick cleaning with removable mold holder
  • Very safe, uses inherent gas as energy source(CO2)
  • Reliable, continuous mechanical operation
  • Robust design with 1-year warranty (5-year warranty available)
  • Made in Canada



  • Lower acquisition cost
  • Easier financial forecasting with a fixed monthly amount for the duration of use
  • Upgrades possible during usage


  • Capital preservation and no impact on your company’s
    future borrowing capacity
  • Flexibility in lease terms and options
  • Tax advantages with business operating expenses
  • Allows lessees to use modern equipment with an upgrade during the term of the agreement